Here are a few essential oil recipes for yoga.


Motivating Yoga Mist
In a 1 oz Glass Spray Bottle add:
4 drops of Young Living Peppermint EO
4 drops of Young Living Orange EO
Add a pinch of Salt
Top with Water

Spray your body, your mat, your space, breathe deep and enjoy your practice!


Yoga Cooling Mist
In a 1 oz Glass Spray Bottle add:
4 drops of Young Living Peppermint Oil
Fill ¼ of the bottle with Witch Hazel or Vodka
Top with water

Spray the back of your neck, your under arms, wrists and feet to stay cool during the hottest Yoga Classes!


Just Breathe Yoga Roller
In a 10 ml Roller Bottle add:
8-10 drops of Young Living RC EO
Top with a Carrier Oil, such as YL V6 Oil, Grapeseed Oil or Sweet Almond Oil

Roll up and down your chest and across the lower part of your chest. This will allow you to open up and breath deeper during your practice!


Sore Muscle Rub
¼ cup of coconut oil
5 drops of Young Living Panaway Oil
3 drops of Young Living Peppermint Oil
2 drops of Young Living Copaiba Oil

Whisk together and store in a glass jar.  Rub over sore muscles after a workout.


Yoga Mat Cleaner
In an 8 oz Spray bottle add:
½ capful of Thieves Household Cleaner
Top with water

Enjoy the fresh, chemical free scent of Young Living’s Thieves Household Cleaner while you wipe the sweat from your Mat, Blocks, Weights and other Accessories!

Chakra Mist

In a 1 oz Glass Spray Bottle add:
3 drops of Young Living Peppermint EO
3 drops of Young Living Cedarwood EO
2 drops of Young Living Clove EO
Add a pinch of Salt
Top with Water
Take some cleansing breaths and spray your aura, allow for the healing energies to restore balance to your system. You can feel free to develop your own ritual or just spray casually as needed. This also works great as a room spray!  Safe around kids & pets.

As we approach the busy holiday season it is vital to nurture one’s own energetic, emotional and physical space if we intend to give to other and remain in balance while being open to embrace the true joy of the season of celebration and togetherness.  Remember, BALANCE is always attainable!  Take a step back, reconnect with yourself and BREATHE!

Peppermint: Purifies the atmosphere in buildings as its presence raises the vibrations of an area. Keeps personal space and consciousness elevated and pure.
Clove: (which is in the blend Thieves) Is one of the most usefull essential oils when it comes to combating any sort of airborn infection, virus or spiritual disharmony. Its documented use dates back thousands of years including as protection for the black plague! Clove assists a person to realize where emotional pain is coming from and release it from their physical, emotional and spiritual body.
Cedarwood: Is excellent for calming hyper activity in times where one needs to experience quiet and openness. Cedarwood is one of the top essential oils for safely detoxing from mind, body or spirit blockages and literal toxins, even as deep as a cellular level. Cedarwood is extremely grounding and allows for us to connect to our roots (family) and with that gain strength, power and fortitude. This oil is also excellent for reducing fluid retention that seems to happen aroud times of eating poorly and rushing around.


More Yoga Tips

Put a drop of Frankincense or Sacred Frankincense on top of your head to open yourself up and to help you connect a little deeper with your practice.
Apply Grounding EO to the bottoms of your feet to help ground yourself and keep you grounded during your practice

RC to help you breathe deeper
Frankincense to help you connect & center yourself
Peppermint to help motivate you and keep you focused
Orange, Lemon or any Citrus EO to help promote creativity, calm and cleanse the air
Lavender or Cedarwood to calm your space
Thieves to cleanse the air and your body,  promoting a healthy immune system
Crystals To Use with your Chakras:
Crystal Healing Infused to promote balance in the mind, body and spirit. Bringing us through busy times with a strong immune system, vibrant aura and feelings of joyous prosperity.

~Root Chakra is balanced with Red Jasper, which combats exhaustion and supports the physical body, metabolism and immune system.

~Sacral Chakra is balanced with Copper which brings balance among members of a family, combats the blues that can be associated with celebrations by encouraging a positive happy attitude and improve decision making.

~Solar Plexus Chakra is balanced with Yellow Calcite which improves intellect, memory and aids in digestion. Yellow calcite also acts as a respiratory aid, which is beneficial during the months when viruses are passing quickly.

~Heart Chakra is balanced with Green Moss Agate which strengthens the physical body and immune system, is calming to the environment and brings waves of prosperity and mental clarity.

~Throat Chakra is balanced with Blue Kyanite which aids in communication, boosts immune system and prevents/heals any sort of ailments of the throat. Works with kundalini energy to ensure equilibrium among the energies and heals blockages on all levels of presence, mind, body spirit and beyond.

~Third Eye Chakra is balanced with Amethyst for its properties in spiritual protection, divine connection and immune system boosting.

~Crown Chakra is balanced with Clear Quartz for its properites as an energy ampliphier, psychic energy enghancer, programming ability and intellectual stimulator.
There are so many different Essential Oils to help enhance your Yoga Practice or your Chakra Balancing.  Here are just a few more ideas!