10/12/2016  Young Living Essential Oils for my Yoga Practice

October is National Wellness Awareness month!  Are you taking care of you?
One thing I love to do for myself is Yoga!  I am blessed to have an amazing Yoga Studio in my town with so many options for me!  I do love the Hot Yoga, the Power Yoga, and the Complete Package Classes, however, I must admit my favorite classes they offer is a Vinyasa and Gentle Yoga!  I do love to get my harder workouts in but twice a week, I choose to take the time for me internally.  These classes are the perfect opportunities for me to do that!  Why?  I’ll tell you why…

1. It’s out of my home.  I’m way from my office, my house, my dirty bathroom, my laundry, my kids, my husband, my work, my baggage.  As soon as I step up to the doors of the Yoga Studio, I breathe in and out three times and I say to myself, “This is for me. This is my time. Everyone and everything can wait outside of this door until I am done.  I choose to leave it all out here.”

  1. It is the only time I’ll have alone. While, as a Network Marketing Industry Leader and Entrepreneur, I love to mingle, this is time for me. I will smile and say hi when I walk in and walk out, but when my mat is rolled out and I step foot onto it, that is ME time!
  2. I step onto my mat, I close my eyes tight and I breathe in and out. I tell myself this is time for me. This is time for me to connect with myself.  I am here to connect my mind, with my heart and my sole while I ground myself and thank my body for everything it takes on.  This is the time I use to release anything that I am holding onto that does not serve me anymore. AND GUESS WHAT?!  When I’m done, I feel fully connected, happy, and complete.  My aches and pains disappear and I’m more flexible at the end of class, than when I started!
  3. I preach to all of my team members, leaders, mothers, fathers, everyone… you must take time for you. If you don’t, you’ll become way overwhelmed and you will feel like you don’t want to do it anymore. I am no good to anyone with that state of mind, neither are you.  I recommend you try a Yoga Class a few times with a GOOD instructor!  I promise, you’ll fall in love with it, as I have.  I am much more grounded, happy, less crazy.  My husband and kids are grateful for me taking this time to myself! You deserve it!
  4. I could go on forever about why I love Yoga and why you need to try it, but I’m going to move on with this blog post…


Now that we’ve established why you need Yoga in your life, as I do in mine, let’s chat about which essential oils I use for my Yoga Practice and why…

Frankincense is a must!  I will sometimes even break out the Sacred Frankincense if I feel like I need a greater connection.  This will help me to connect spiritually and emotionally to my practice.  I put a drop on top of my head and I rub this across my chest.

Peppermint, because sometimes, I get overheated!  I will apply this to my feet, wrists and the back of my neck. I love to put Peppermint Vitality in my mouth before a workout too, so as I breathe out the heat from my body, my breath smells minty fresh!  We do not want to think about stink while we are trying to connect! No distractions! This also works great on my sore muscles afterwards if I push myself just a bit too far!

RC or Eucalyptus is also a must have for me.  They help me to breathe easily and deeper!  When you’re connecting to your breath, you want to breathe deep, fill your belly up and blow it all out!  This definitely helps with that. I put this on my chest.  Usually up and down, then across where my bra line would be.

Release is also something that I love to work with. This is a very powerful essential oil that was made to help support you emotionally.  We all have things in the past that we carry with, things from the day or from our home that we hang onto. This is very unhealthy for many reasons.  I choose to let go and let God!  I apply Release over my liver, sometimes my heart or the top of my head, before I go into the workout.  This really helps me to push through anything negative that I’m holding onto.  After my class, I always feel amazing. When I am done, I put a drop of Forgiveness over my heart and across my chest.  This will help me to forgive myself for holding onto whatever it is I had to let go.  You need to rid of these emotions to make room for greater things in your life!  Release and Forgiveness work very well together!  Remember, this can be a very powerful experience, so be ready to let “shtuff” go!

Purification is something I keep in a small spray bottle in my bag.  You never know just how hot you’ll get or how many toxins that will be pushed out! What does that mean? YOU STINK!  Spray those pits! Spray those shoes! Spray that mat! My favorite arm pit stuff is actually Young Living’s Thieves Toothpaste, yes, toothpaste!  It smells great and I don’t stink, even after the sweatiest workouts!

We all want great immune support! Thank your body by keeping it healthy with Thieves! I put this on the bottoms of my feet twice a day!  There are other people in that room coughing, sneezing and breathing out. GROSS!  Stay on top of it!

Want a great Yoga Mat Cleaner Recipe?  I love the Thieves Household Cleaner by Young Living. I put a little in the bottom of a spray bottle, top with water and spray away!  It smells amazing!  The Thieves Household Cleaner is very concentrated, so very little goes a long way! Those bottles last forever!
Don’t want to use the cleaner?  Try adding 12-20 drops of Thieves to an 8 oz Spray Bottle, a pinch of salt, and top with water!

There are just a few of my favorite things to use during my Yoga Practice!  I also love to thank my body by gifting it high quality Vitamins and Minerals from Young Living’s Supplements!  My favorites are Master Formula, Life 5, Sulfurzyme, NingXia Red and Mineral Essence!

Please know that I ONLY recommend using Young Living’s Essential Oils. They have the Seed to Seal Guarantee!  True essential oils made by God, not man!  This is why I trust Young Living for my family!  You don’t have a Young Living Account to get your oils at a wholesale discount yet?  What?!  Click here to find out more!

Young Living Safety Tips:  Always dilute your Essential Oils! Young Living’s oils are true essential oils, so they are potent! I recommend using carrier oils such as Sweet Almond Oil or Grapeseed Oil.  I love to use Roller Bottles, such as these:

Roller Balls


6, Cobalt Blue, 10 ml Glass Roll-on Bottles with Stainless Steel Roller Balls – .5 ml Dropper Included

Much love,
Essentially Shandy, Helping Families Live Happier Healthier Lives!

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